Saturday, March 2, 2013

Louis Vuitton Monceau

I think I fell in love with the idea of women carrying briefcases after seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic. After seeing Rebecca in her orange/red briefcase styled side bag, I couldn't resist them anymore. I guess the briefcase style bag is sorta like the messenger type of bags that was popularized by the Proenza Schouler PS1, but a little bit more structured. I honestly have to say though, I think Louis Vuitton, makes the best briefcase bag for ladies! The Monceau bag is the perfect bag for with a little sophistication and boyishness.

The Monceau bag was carried by Louis Vuitton a while back and then discontinued. However, Louis Vuitton has brought this style back and in its recent "petite" campaign, we can see Miroslava Duma carrying this lovely bag. Like the campaign's title, this bag is coming back in a version that is much smaller than the original size (now known as the Monceau BB). In my opinion, I think this bag has lost its original "working girl" edge. Instead, it's giving me more of "let's do brunch" vibe. I gotta say that I do love the original, more over-sized style of the Monceau better than the new petite version.
Here's a look at the original for comparison purposes:
What do you guys think? The original Meaceau or the new Monceau BB? The original came in these dimension: 11.2 (width) x 7.5 (height) x 3.9 (depth) inches; while the new one comes in these dimensions: 2.0 (width) x 5.9 (height) x 7.5 (depth) inches. Clearly, the original is much bigger!
Original Monceau picture credited to Ebay seller: Atlantis-Tokyo.

The new version of the Monceau comes in both the Vernis (without monograms) and Epi leather. The Vernis leather version costs around $1,720 USD and is a little more expensive than the Epi leather version, which costs $1,550 USD. The Epi leather version , though, does feel a little more sophisticated and grown up than the Vernis leather version. As a result, I think I would purchase the Epi version if I had to choose between the two.
Notice that the new Monceau BB in Epi leather comes with silver hardware instead of gold, creating a more of a younger feel.

However, if you are up for a used version (the pockets are usually the main damages for the ones from Japan/Asia), then Ebay is definitely the way to go. You can pick one up for around $400 to $500! What a steal versus the price of new one!


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